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Bossanova is branding. Bossanova is corporate reports and brochures, digital and print advertising, display and event graphics. Bossanova is experienced, responsive graphic design support. Bossanova is Jan Thalheimer.

Jan began her professional life as a journalist. She secured her first job on the staff of a small newspaper where she mastered skills in writing, story development, design, active listening and sensitive interpretation.

She soon discovered that design was her true passion — its creative stimulation, fast pace and deadline pressures spoke clearly. In 1990, she founded Bossanova Communications and began creating intelligent, thoughtful and effective materials that visually embody each client’s unique requirements.

Jan’s professional experience combines the critical eye of a designer with the sharp ear of a copy writer. She would love to put her expertise as an award-winning graphic designer and communications professional to work for you.

She is a certified member of the Design Professionals of Canada (CDP), and is an illustrator and painter.


Community Builder Award
Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA), AFMA Cookbook

IABC Capital Award of Excellence
Servus Credit Union, Term Deposit Direct Mail

IABC Capital Award of Excellence
Capital City Savings, Annual Report 2003

Ace Award of Distinction
St. John’s Ambulance First Aid in Child Care

Ace Awards Top 100
Alberta College Career-in-a-year brochure series

Ace Gold Award
Downtown Business Association Downtown Dollar Campaign

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